What is Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a state-of-the-art team or individual recreational activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player (normally mounted on a headband).

Laser Tag is a heart-pounding, adrenalin-pumping game, in which strategy and luck are joined to defeat your opponents.

Some of the most popular play scenarios are outlined below :

The Games


Capture the Flag

Both RED and BLUE Team each have a Base HQ that flies their flag, cunningly infiltrate the opponents base and capture the flag.

Once an opponents flag has been taken, it must be returned to your own home base and the team only wins when both flags are in one home base. A fast and furious game which is won and lost with strategy and teamwork.


Protect the VIP

Players divide into two teams - bodyguards and assassins. Also the VIP person is selected, who also has a "bullet-proof" vest and a weapon, but with much less rounds. The assassins enter the battlefield and have 60 seconds to hide. After that the second team with their VIP enter the field from one side and have to reach another side of a field.

The object of this mission is to get your VIP from point A to point B without getting killed! This mission demands tactics and team work. You and your team must maneuver your way through the battlefield, keeping your VIP unnoticed and away from any enemy fire. Will your team member take a hit for you? Communication and team work are the keys towards a successfully executed operation.


Ground Domination

Work together to locate the hidden Domination Beacon and fire a shot down the tube to activate your Friendly Forces Siren and your Team Colour, then Dominate the Ground before the Enemy Forces succeed in changing the beacon back to their Team Colour. If you fail at any time during this mission you will be forced back to your Base HQ to RESPAWN.


Total Wipe Out or Team Death Match Call of Duty Style

Just like on Call of Duty we have a Team Death Match or Total Wipe Out for the younger ones, where two teams set off to Search and Destroy the opposing team however, if you run out of Life you have to find the hidden RESPAWN Station and a chance to activate a new life. Your Team will have to be quick on their toes in this mission.


Retrieve the stolen corporate data

Using stealth sneak into the enemy base and retrieve your stolen Corporate Data then get back to your own base and upload the data. Your team only wins when the data has finished uploading so it's vital to defend your base against the enemy whilst the upload is taking place. If the enemy manage to damage your machine you will have to begin all over again.


The Juggernaut

Laser-Mayhem prides itself on TEAMWORK and there is no better way to finish the session with both RED and BLUE Teams forgetting their previous encounters and joining forces to defeat or run from the Juggernaut.