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What exactly is Laser Mayhem?

Laser mayhem is outdoor 'Fun in the Forest' Call of Duty Style !


How do I book?

You can book Laser Mayhem via email, via mobile - 07624 234555, or our Facebook page



Where is Watertrough Plantation?
Click here for directions

  • What is Laser Mayhem ? +

    Laser mayhem is outdoor 'Fun in the Forest' Call of Duty Style !
    Shoot your friends and enemies with an infra red gun whilst trying not to get shot yourself !
  • How do I book ? +

    You can book Laser Mayhem in a number of ways - call us on (+44 7624) 234555, send us an email or contact us via our facebook page - Laser Mayhem
  • Directions +

    We are based at Watertrough Plantation in South Barrule, on the A3 road between Foxdale and Castletown.
    Take the turning towards Niarbyl (A36), head past the South Barrule car park on your left, and we are just round the corner on your right !
    Click here to get directions.
  • How much does it cost ? +

    There are two sessions a day (morning and afternoon).
    The morning session is 09:30-12:00 and costs £20 per person. The afternoon sessions is 13:00-16:00 and costs £25 per person.
  • What do I wear ? +

    Laser Mayhem provide you with coveralls and a special hat.
    We suggest you wear sensible shoes (i.e boots) as you will be running (and hiding) in the plantation and it can be wet underfoot.
  • Does it hurt ? +

    Laser Mayhem uses hand-held infrared-emitting targeting devices that fire invisible infrared beams to 'tag' your opponents.
    We still advise that you be sensible when running around the plantation though !
  • Are there any age restrictions ? +

    At Laser Mayhem we have a minimum age of 6 but no maximum age.
    In fact, our oldest player has been Erwin Gelling, aged 79 !! So age is no excuse !
  • How do I buy Laser Mayhem items ? +

    We have lots of different merchandise that you can buy from Laser Mayhem - they are all shown on our merchandise page - Merchandise.
    All the items can be purchased at the Laser Mayhem base in South Barrule.
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